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Welcome to Sex & Coffee, the blog where we casually chat about sex, sexuality, sexual health, gender, and overall sexual education, as if we’re two pals chatting over coffee. And I’ll also likely be drinking coffee nearly every time I write this. Feel free to grab a cup as you read!


Hello Internet,

My name is Bekah, and I love sex education. I love talking about sex, learning about sex and sexuality, and sharing what I’ve learned with others. I grew up going to Catholic school kindergarten through twelfth grade, so to put it bluntly, my sexual education experience through school was a joke. We had a woman who was not a sexual educator (she wasn’t even a teacher) come in to tell us that condoms don’t protect against STDs (FALSE!), then pass out “I am worth waiting for” stickers. Nice.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful, badass mother who created an environment at home that welcomed an open dialogue about anything, including sex. In fact, I have a memory of my mom talking with me about sex and answering questions I had and her telling me sex was fun and felt good. What a cool mom.

As an undergraduate student at Butler University, I was an art major, creative writing minor, and gender, women, and sexuality studies minor. My work within gender and sexuality studies intensely fascinated me because it helped me use my critical thinking skills essential to being an artist and writer, but allowed me to apply them to real life things affecting lives. My senior year at Butler I took a human sexuality class that completely captivated me. I came home each Monday and Wednesday telling my roommates sexuality facts and things about their bodies I learned in class that day. Whether they were interested or not, they listened to me (thanks pals). This human sexuality class ended up influencing all of my creative work my senior year—I did a series of drawings depicting genitals as characters doing every day things, and my senior thesis was a series of paintings surrounding feminine sexuality. I also wrote a series of poems about sex and the body. At the end of the semester I ended up buying my rented human sexuality textbook because I was just too fascinated to let it go.


“The Pussy and Her Cat”

Through my studies in my undergraduate career and through consistently reading and viewing sex ed resources online, I’ve piled up a lot of exciting sexual education info that I’m dying to share. The fact of the matter is our society feels weird talking about sex. Although women’s bodies are hyper-sexualized and often used as props to sell products, and we see sex scenes in nearly every PG-13 movie out now, we feel weird talking about sex. That’s silly to me, as sex is a natural, biological human drive (although some people don’t experience the desire to have sex, but don’t worry, that will be covered in another post another time!).

In this blog, “Sex & Coffee,” I’m going to share some of my sex ed knowledge and findings with you, and hopefully we can learn some things together as well. Topics will range from different types of birth control, the clitoris, does penis size matter? (hint: it does not), LGBTQ+ sex and sexual health, communicating with your partner, my favorite sex educators, AND MORE!!!!

Although I am incredibly passionate about sexual education and have taken many steps to learn and educate myself, I’m no expert. I look forward to sharing what I know with you, my readers, and also learning things that you’re willing to share with me. We’ll all learn together and hopefully have better, healthier sex lives because of it. SCORE!

Hopefully you’ll stick around and learn with me!

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